Try + Fly lets WestJet flyers take a Dell with them

Imagine walking into an airport and having someone give you a brand new laptop to take with you on your flight. Well, that’s just what we did! Working with Diamond Integrated Marketing, 70 Main Street provided a unique experience for WestJet passengers flying between Toronto and Calgary. The “Try + Fly” program had four main components:

  1. Desktop Kiosks: 70 Main Street built special Checkout Forms where passengers could input their checkout request into one of several computers stationed at Dell kiosks within WestJet departure gates.
  2. Laptop Check-out Functionality: after filling out the request, passengers would need to “check out” their laptop. 70 Main Street built an Administrative Dashboard for Dell representatives to access and manage requests and checkouts, as well as to print receipts.
  3. Laptop Check-in Functionality: the Administrative Dashboard was also used by Dell reps to check laptops back in when the passenger reached their destination.
  4. Contest Entries: Travelers could enter a Dell contest on the kiosk computers, even if they were not checking out a laptop.

To facilitate this initiative, 70 Main Street needed to consider a variety of challenges from user experience, to checkout/checkin workflows, to privacy & security. Since the computers we employed would be public computers used by many different people, we needed to create usage restrictions without compromising user experience. We needed to prevent certain activities, such as access to OS configuration, software installation, visiting restricted sites, etc. Using a Java framework, Windows executables, registry modification, timers, and lower-level Windows control, we were able to lock down computers for repeated use by hundreds of passengers.

In addition to the computer lockdown, 70 Main Street created a signup form to use kiosk computers, which circumvented typical Windows login process (i.e. we required users to enter profile info to use a computer).